Get 2% back on all your
Amazon purchases

Buy through the Zeux app and pay with your Zeux card

Everyday shopping should be rewarded

Everyone shops and at Zeux we want to reward you for shopping online through Amazon.

Put all your Amazon purchases through the Zeux app and pay with your Zeux card to collect 2% cashback.

How much can you earn?

There is no limitation on what you can buy and earn 2% on.
Through the Zeux app, you can purchase thousands of Amazon products.

Doing your weekly £50 shop on Amazon
- You would earn £52 in cashback a year

Buying that Xbox or Playstation for 399.99
- You would earn £7.99

It's really easy, in just 4 steps

1. From the bottom menu on your app, navigate to the new ‘Shopping’ section.

2. Choose a category you would like to browse.
3. Tap on ‘Shop Now On’ and get shopping!
Remember, make your purchase in the same browser window.
4. Make your purchase with your Zeux card.

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