A UK Premium Account Dedicated to You*

*Account fees apply

A UK Premium account designed for customers with high transaction needs

Our Premium account is designed and built for high net worth customers who have large amount of international transaction needs.

No matter your needs, from buying property, immigration fees, or other purposes, we carry out pre-check and pre-approval for all international transactions before you transfer, to avoid any unexpected delays. e.g. accounts frozen or fund utilizing delays.

High-grade security and FX services between any currencies

Safety and security is priority for our customers, all your funds in the Premium account are 100% segregated. This means that any money you send to your Zeux account is held separately from Zeux’s money and it must be put into an account held with a bank specifically for our clients. The rules concerning how we protect your money in this way are referred to as ‘safeguarding’.

We also provide tailored cryptocurrency exchange and FX services to help our customers convert their local currency to any main foreign currency at competitive rates and low fees.

Dedicated live customer support

We want to ensure our customers get the right support and attention so we provide a one-to-one live-chat customer support for every Premium account customer in both English and Chinese. If you have any questions or require assistance, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you all the time.

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