Travel the world with Zeux

We add no fees when you spend abroad

Great exchange rates when abroad

Everyone should be able to spend more abroad with no fees, which is why Zeux passes on the VISA exchange rate straight to you.

Zeux charges no additional fees so you can be focused on enjoying your holiday.

*View VISA's exchange rates here.

Pay with Zeux immediately

Open an account with Zeux and you can start paying with your virtual card in 24 hours.

Just add to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and you're ready to travel and spend abroad.

Free cash withdrawals abroad

Zeux charges no fees for ATM cash withdrawals with no limit when you travel with Zeux.

*Note: some fees may be charged by ATM operators.

Don't worry about losing your card

Freeze your card with just one tap in the app. Stay calm, relax.

Our support team is always on hand to help.

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